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Confidence is... a GlowLite Onboard!
EDR-103P GlowLite II

The "No-Hassle" Onboard Glow Driver for Single & Twins
Multi-Cylinders? Click Here.

  • Lights glowplugs at idle for reliability.

  • All solid-state design replaces servo, complicated microswitches and wiring.

  • Exclusive No-Glitch, No-Interference circuit.  Fly with it right next to your Rx!

  • Works with ALL receivers!  Even 2.4GHz!!

  • Weighs less than one ounce!

  • Auto shut-off when your Rx is off.

  • Fully adjustable turn-on point. 

  • Remote LED indicator.

  • Ultra-simple installation!

Just plug into your throttle (with a Y-harness) or aux channel, connect your onboard glow battery and glowplug and have the peace of mind of reliable idle, and the safety of not needing fingers near the prop!


EDR-103P GlowLite II
ONLY $44.95

Accessories to help complete the installation:

Buy the twin cylinder package

For Single-cylinders
GlowLite Single Cylinder Accessory Package -- $38.00
  • Glowplug connector
  • Ground wire
  • 1900SCR NiCd
  • Charge Receptacle
  • Sermos Connector Set
  • Glow Battery Charger

For Twin Engines/Cylinders
GlowLite Twin Cylinder Accessory Package -- $48.00

Need a Fast Charger to go with your GlowLite?

Click HERE for fullsize detailed schematics:

All full systems (EDR-103 ordered with an Accessory Package) come pre-wired,
Plug-And-Fly Ready
No soldering required!

Throttle-Coupled GlowLite Action with Manual Over-ride
JR 8103 Tx Mix Program

Low Throttle lights glowplug, but Tx switch forces glowplug ON even at high throttle. 
Useful in twin and multi-cylinders in case a cylinder drops off at high throttle.
Also great for extra security for those l-o-o-w passes!

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