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Don't let a "little" Gear
RUIN your whole day!

We've all done it... switch on the radio, and... C-R-U-N-C-H, the Gear collapses... 
Aaargh!  Forgot to make sure the Gear switch was "Down" before switching on.

An "ounce" (half-an-ounce, actually) of Prevention
is worth more than several "pounds"
(or $$$) of cure!

EDR-126 Gear Saver...

Prevents accidental Gear retraction when powering up your radio.

Gear Saver

When switching on the Rx, the EDR-126 Gear Saver automatically forces the Landing Gear to the Down-and-Locked position and stays that way until the pilot has deliberately commanded "Gear-Down" once for at least 5 seconds, before allowing the Gear to be retracted.  After that, the Gear operates normally.

Never again suffer an accidental gear retraction when powering up your radio!

  • "No muss- no fuss" installation
    • Just plug in-line with retract servo.
    • Installs in less than 2 minutes, even in an existing airplane!
  • Super E-Z one-button set-up!
    • No fiddly programming
    • No confusing menus
  • ROCK-STEADY, no-jitter operation
  • Convenient!
    • Arrive at the field, pull your airplane out from the car, flip the Rx switch on for a couple seconds and sha-zamm the gear automatically comes down, no fussing or wrestling with your Tx, no groping for the retract valve!
  • Comes with universal connectors.
  • Works with all brands and types of radios - AM / FM / PCM - even Spread Spectrum!!

EDR-125 Gear Saver
ONLY $44.95


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