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    EDR-103 Glow Drivers
      Single Cylinders & Twins
    EDR-105 Battery Monitor
    EDR-106 Pro Servo Reverser
EDR-107ADP Kill Switch
    EDR-108 Pow'R Back'R
    EDR-111 Pow'r Bus Pro
    EDR-117 LiteSys
    EDR-122+ Servo-Slo Plus
    EDR-124 BatMon Lite
    EDR-125 Gear Mg'R
    EDR-126 Gear Saver
    EDR-201 Current Probe
    EDR-203 ServoCiser
    EDR-206 Turbine Driver
    EDR-207L NanoTest
      Buffer-Amplifier Interface

    EDR-102 One-Clik
    EDR-103P Glowlite II
    EDR-107ADP Kill Switch
    SANYO eneloop Packs
    EDR-207L NanoTest
      A123 Tester

Ultra Switch II

    ED-Nano A123 Packs
    SANYO eneloop Packs
    Receiver Packs
    Transmitter Packs


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Finally! A Truly Practical
(not just ornamental)
Model Lighting System

SunVis LiteSys
EDR-117 LiteSys


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Exclusive, Revolutionary


Sunlight-Visible, W-I-D-E Angle Lamps

The BRIGHTEST, MOST VISIBLE Lamps you ever saw

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Bryce Watson F-15

Jazz up your models
Absolutely the brightest, most beautiful lamps you ever saw!

  • More than 2 hours’ operation on 4.8V/720mAH.

  • ED Sun-Vis WIDE Angle Lamps (Beyond "Ultra-Bright", as bright 50W Halogen spotlights!) with 48“ leads, for easy, "No-Hassle" plug-and-play fit even in Giant Scale models:

    • Red or Green 360º all-round viewable Navigation Lamps

    • Red or White 360º all-round viewable Strobe/Beacons

      5-second movie (120k MPEG)

    • White forward-optimized Landing Lamps with significant light output even ±70º off-center!

  • Transmitter or Manual Operation.

  • Plug-and-Play Ready!

Just how bright are they?
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Simulated A/B Rings

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