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    EDR-103 Glow Drivers
      Single Cylinders & Twins
    EDR-105 Battery Monitor
    EDR-106 Pro Servo Reverser
EDR-107ADP Kill Switch
    EDR-108 Pow'R Back'R
    EDR-111 Pow'r Bus Pro
    EDR-117 LiteSys
    EDR-122+ Servo-Slo Plus
    EDR-124 BatMon Lite
    EDR-125 Gear Mg'R
    EDR-126 Gear Saver
    EDR-201 Current Probe
    EDR-203 ServoCiser
    EDR-206 Turbine Driver
    EDR-207L NanoTest
      Buffer-Amplifier Interface

    EDR-102 One-Clik
    EDR-103P Glowlite II
    EDR-107ADP Kill Switch
    SANYO eneloop Packs
    EDR-207L NanoTest
      A123 Tester

Ultra Switch II

    ED-Nano A123 Packs
    SANYO eneloop Packs
    Receiver Packs
    Transmitter Packs


    Switch Harnesses
    Amplifying Buffers
    Charge Cords

Festo Fittings


Heat Shrink Tubing

Ultra Precision Valves

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ElectroDynamics, Inc. started out in 1991, in my basement (whose basement?), with a staff of part-timers and my trusty old 386 computer doing the design and CAD work.

Twenty years later, ElectroDynamics is now located in an 2500 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and walk-in store, with fulltime technical and administrative staff.

"ElectroDynamics, Inc." Reception Area
Walk-in Retail Sales Manufacturing and R&D

We have grown from our first hand-built conventional circuit boards


to our present state-of-the-art SMT (Surface Mount Technology)

SMT SMT Machine

and high-tech battery assembly equipment.

We now run several multimedia computers on a local area network, doing order processing, accounting, payroll, engineering, design, CAD/CAM and desktop publishing for our ads!

In addition, we do custom engineering design and development work for the aerospace industry:

AMT Concorde Wiring Military Engine ECU Military Engine Test

Turbine Engine Calibration

GIANT SIZE (50% scale)Piper TriPacer

Full Size Jet Glider NASA Langley UAV Virginia C'wealth Jet UAV
ElectroDynamics' UAV Bravo

When you do business with ElectroDynamics, you'll know that we aren't just manufacturers of top-quality electronics and suppliers of the best stuff for modelers, we are modelers ourselves. You'll also have our assurance that we will not carry what we have not tested, used and liked. And, we stand behind all our products, 110%!

We'd like to thank all our customers for your support. Without you, we would simply not exist. We promise to remember that, as always, you and your satisfaction are our number one priority!

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Meet the Pres...

First, my professional life:

I graduated from the University of Singapore in 1977 with a Bachelor's in Electronic Engineering. After that, I worked for 10 years as an Electronics and Control Systems designer in industrial automation. In 1987, I went back to school and graduated from the University of Michigan with a Master's in Aerospace Engineering. After that, I worked in the automotive industry, in electronic engine controls.

In 1991, I decided to venture out on my own, and combine my love of engineering and my love of aviation. I started ElectroDynamics, Inc. armed only with my dreams and some personal savings.


Next, my "hobby" life (can you still call it a hobby if you work at it for a living?

I started aero modeling "for real" in 1967 in high school, with my first Cox PT-19 U-control trainer. Why "for real"? Every one who's got aviation in their blood, must have had a childhood punctuated with plastic airplane kits and the odd chuck glider and rubber-powered ship.

I later progressed in CL (U-control was also called Control Line), culminating in competition in CL Racing, Stunt and Combat. 1969, and still actively flying CL, saw me saving a whole year's lunch money for my first Single Channel Proportional RC set.


It was a "Hinode" Single-Channel unit, with rudimentary Analog Encoding, rather than today's Digital Encoding. In 1971 I got my first Digital Proportional 4-channel Futaba radio (at that time sold as MRC). Haven't looked back since. I'm now active in all aspects of the RC sport: Pylon Racing, Pattern, Helicopters, IMAA Giant-Size, Gliders, Ducted Fans, Turbines.

Curare Heli Airtrax F16

Andy Low,
President & Engineer

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