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"Accidental" Gear collapse on powering up?
Save your Gear Doors and Retracts!

Out of Channels...  and Options?
Reclaim 2 channels and up to 4 program mixes!

EDR-125 Gear Mg'R

Gear Mg'R

Onboard Landing Gear Manager

Plugs into Gear, Elevator and Rudder channels on your Rx, operates Rudder, Steering, Elevator, Brake, Gear servos.
  • Prevents accidental gear collapse on power-up
    Ensures the retracts are "Down" on power-up, regardless of Tx Gear switch position.
  • Automatically manages Retracts, Steering and Brake functions
    Rudder - Steering Mix
    Down Elevator - Brake Mix
    Gear-up mix override
    Programmable endpoints and centering
  • Frees up Steering and Brake channels on the radio
  • No complicated Tx mixing
    Saves up to 4 mixes!
  • E-Z "no brainer" installation and setup

Transforms a lowly 7-channel radio into a high-end 9-channel,
or a high-end 10-channel into an X-treme 12 channel!!


 Works with ALL brands and types of radios -
FM-PPM, PCM, etc.
Perfect for that 2.4GHz Spread-spectrum

"The new EDR 125 is a must for any serious modeler.  I love it!  I presently have one on my new 107 inch F-18 Super Hornet.  It has worked flawlessly, and continues to give me peace of mind from a gear collapse. 

The Hornet has a multitude of doors, and it would be a disaster for the unthinkable to happen. 

The EDR-125 also has enabled me to operate this very complicated model on just a nine channel receiver."

Lewis Patton

EDR-125 Gear Mg'R

A closer look at the EDR-125 Gear Mg'R

No extra radio channels required for operation of gear, brake or steering.

  • Plugs into your Rx's gear, elevator and rudder channels, no Y-harnesses or complicated connectors required!

Prevents accidental retraction on power-up

  • On power-up, even if the Tx is off, the gear is forced down. 
    If the Tx is on, the gear must be commanded down for at least 3 seconds before the Gear Mg'R will accept a gear-up command.

    The gear will not respond to rapid up-down-up-down (panic?) flipping of the gear switch, only to a deliberate 3-second continuous gear down command to unlock the gear for retraction.  Prevents fumbling on power up causing the gear to "accidentally" retract!

  • After unlocking, the gear will operate normally, following the gear switch.

  • This feature can be also used to lower the gear when unloading or assembling the airplane at the field, without the Tx or frequency pin!

Automatic Rudder-Steering mix with centering delay

  • With the gear down, the rudder is mixed to the steering.  Steering centering, throw and direction are fully programmable, employing  our exclusive "natural, no-brainer" setup procedure using the Tx sticks.

  • On gear-up command, the steering immediately centers for approx. 0.3 seconds before the gear servo moves to retract the gear. 
    This allows time for the steering linkages to work, especially when using a pull-pull system (the cables go slack as soon as the gear starts retracting), before gear retraction commences.

  • With the gear retracted, rudder-steering mix is canceled, and the steering is held and locked in center.  This prevents pull-pull cable tangling and pushrod jamming. 

Automatic Elevator-Brake mix

  • With the gear down, the brake is mixed with "down elevator".  Brake endpoints are fully programmable using our "natural, no-brainer" setup procedure.  The brakes are fully proportional, so you can use the EDR-125 with "smooth brake" systems.

  • With the gear up, the brakes are held and locked in the "off" position.  This allows full elevator operation without using up precious brake air!

Compatible with "over-travel" brake systems using integrated retract/brake valves or microswitches

  • Gear operation is 2-position between "Gear Up" and "Gear Down", but proportional "beyond "Gear Down".  This allows retract/brake systems that work on "Gear Down overtravel" to actuate the brakes.

Saves 2 channels in addition to the above complex mixes.

  • Turns a 7-channel Spread Spectrum radio into a 9-channel, a JR 9303 or Futaba 9Z into an 11-channel, a JR10X into a 12-channel.

  • Turns a JR10X with the new Spectrum module or XtremeLink module (max. 9 command channels) into an 11-channel!

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