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    EDR-103 Glow Drivers
      Single Cylinders & Twins
    EDR-105 Battery Monitor
    EDR-106 Pro Servo Reverser
EDR-107ADP Kill Switch
    EDR-108 Pow'R Back'R
    EDR-111 Pow'r Bus Pro
    EDR-117 LiteSys
    EDR-122+ Servo-Slo Plus
    EDR-124 BatMon Lite
    EDR-125 Gear Mg'R
    EDR-126 Gear Saver
    EDR-201 Current Probe
    EDR-203 ServoCiser
    EDR-206 Turbine Driver
    EDR-207L NanoTest
      Buffer-Amplifier Interface

    EDR-102 One-Clik
    EDR-103P Glowlite II
    EDR-107ADP Kill Switch
    SANYO eneloop Packs
    EDR-207L NanoTest
      A123 Tester

Ultra Switch II

    ED-Nano A123 Packs
    SANYO eneloop Packs
    Receiver Packs
    Transmitter Packs


    Switch Harnesses
    Amplifying Buffers
    Charge Cords

Festo Fittings


Heat Shrink Tubing

Ultra Precision Valves

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Featured Products


EDR-102 OneClik Multi-Connex
One Click, and all your wing servos are  securely connected to your Rx in the fuselage!!



 Charger for up to 4 batteries at once,
at home or at the field!!

Take advantage of discounts on our
Super-Convenient Combo Charge Cords!

EDR-117 LiteSys

EDR-117 LiteSys
Complete Lighting System for
Giant-Scale DHC-2 Beaver

EDR-117 LiteSys

EDR-117 LiteSys
Complete Lighting System for
Giant-Scale Cessna 182


EDR-117MGS Machine Guns
A WAR bird Gotta have GUNS!!



THE Ultra-Reliable No-Interference Gas Ignition Kill Switch System. 

Advanced Deadstick Prevention!

No more
"Ooops, WRONG switch!"
unintended deadsticks.

Next-generation Super-Lattice Battery
Tx AND Rx packs now available!

The Confidence Builder
EDR-207L NanoTest

Fly with the CONFIDENCE of knowing that your A123 battery's up to snuff!



EDR-103P GlowLite II


EDR-103 GlowLite On-board Glow Driver
is now


Realistic Operation of Flaps, Spoilers...
EDR-122+ Servo-Slo Plus

REAL Flaps don't go "ZONK"!
Slow down your servos without a fancy $$$ radio!!

NOW with Built-in Pro Servo Reverser

ElectroDynamics now stocks
Ultra Precision Retract Valves!

Buffer-Amplifier Interface

Your new Spread-Spectrum Radio won't play nice with "other brand" servos, sequencers, ECU's etc.?

EDC-4341B boosts
low Rx signal (from 1.5V - 4.0V)
to full battery voltage.

An E-Z fix for only $12.00!

Recommended by Futaba!


EDR-126 Gear Saver

Ending the "Gear C-R-U-N-C-H"
has never been so easy or economical!!

ONLY $44.95!

Ultra Switch II

Heavy-Duty DSC-compatible
Ultra Switch II

Click Here for Ultra Switch II Product Review

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