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ElectroDynamics Ultra Switch II

Often imitated, but never equaled!

The old English proverb states, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Well, OK, but some of our competitors don't even make a decent imitation!

Our Ultra Switch II has enjoyed tremendous success ever since its introduction more than 5 years ago. Thousands have been bought by very, very satisfied customers, many of whom have come back repeatedly, for more.

We fully expect our competitors to notice our success, and make an effort to capture some of that market for themselves. We think that's fair game for a free market, and who knows, someone might actually come up with a "better mousetrap". The modeling public can only benefit from such competition. That is, after all, what free enterprise is all about.

We have lately become aware of "cheaper", "look-alike" imitations of our Ultra Switch II appearing on the market. We procured one such unit, curious to see how it stacks up against our no-nonsense standards.

What we found actually horrified us so much that we felt compelled to inform the modeling public.

We think this particular imitation is so bad as to be downright dangerous!

  • Externally, it looks virtually identical to our Ultra Switch II.
  • Pop off the bottom panel and WHOA!
  • Messy soldering...
  • Dry solder joints...
  • Low-quality circuit board material...
  • Flaking circuit board traces...
  • Inadequate mechanical support for the Charge Port connector pins (single-sided paper-phenolic circuit board vs. our double-sided, plated holes, glass fibre circuit board)...
  • No insulation under the Charge Port pins to prevent piercing the battery wires!
  • And.. Where on earth did they get that corroded switch? A junk store??
See for yourself, and decide - is it really worth "a buck less"?
You pays your money and you takes your choice.

Here at ElectroDynamics, we remain totally committed to bring you the best products at the best possible price.
No if's, and's or but's.
ElectroDynamics Ultra Switch II


Looks similar from the outside!

What's "under the hood"?
  • OURS even has a spot of rubberized glue that prevents wire chafing - Attention to detail!
  • THEIRS - Ummm...


  • Professional soldering job
  • vs. ???
    • Note how "THEIRS" has dry solder joints
    • They even missed one of the positive (red wire) switch terminals!
Insulation?? WHAT insulation?

Insulation under the Charge Port

  • OURS has INDUSTRIAL-strength transformer-grade double-insulation.
  • THEIRS - ??

Charge Port and Circuit Board

  • OUR charge port is securely soldered
    on a double-sided fiberglass circuit board.
  • THEIRS - Hmm...

And.. the pièce de résistance

No comment needed.

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