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EDN-3S1PB_web_small.jpg ED-Nano 9.9V-2500mAH SKU: EDN-3S1PB Price: 82.95
Price: $82.95

NEW!! ED-Nano (A123) Battery 3S1P Series B (2500mAH!!)

Same size and weight as the original EDN-3S1P but with 10% higher capacity
and lower internal resistance for even more O-o-m-p-h and flight time for your turbine!!

  • 20AWG node/balance connector
  • 14AWG high-current cable with ECU connector (up to 25 Amps continuous)

Upgrade your Turbine ECU battery! (Check with your turbine manufacturer for compatibility)

Size: 3.1"W x 2.7"L x 1.1"D
Wt. : 8.7oz. (Compare 8KR-2400SC NiCd: 17oz.)

Standard 6" HD Power Leads.  Available with special longer leads to suit your installation.

Use only with approved chargers

Select Power Connectors and Lead Length, and Node/Balance Connectors:
EDN-4S1PB-HD_web.jpg ED-Nano 13.2V 2500mAH Heavy-Duty SKU: EDN-4S1PB-HD Price: 109.95
Price: $109.95

ED-Nano (A123) Battery 4S1PB Heavy-Duty  13.2V / 2500mAH with

  • Your choice of connectors
  • 20AWG Balance Cable
  • 14AWG High-current Power Cable
      (up to 25 Amps continuous for high-current charge/discharge)

Suitable for Engine Starters,ECU's

Size: 2.2"W x 5.5"L x 1.2"D
Wt. : 12oz.

Use only with approved chargers

125.jpg EDR-125 Gear Mg'R SKU: EDR125 Price: 119.95
Price: $119.95
On Sale! 99.95
On Sale! $99.95
"Plugs into Rx Gear, Elevator and Rudder Channels
  • Manages Retracts, Steering and Brake
  • Frees up Steering and Brake channels on the radio
  • No complicated Tx mixing
  • Saves up to 4 mixes!
  • Prevents accidental gear collapse on power-up
Now in-stock and shipping!! "
126.jpg EDR-126 Gear Saver SKU: EDR126 Price: 49.95
Price: $49.95
On Sale! 44.95
On Sale! $44.95
Plugs between Rx Gear Channel and Gear Servo
Prevents accidental gear collapse on power-up
Now in-stock and shipping!!
EDR-206_web.jpg EDR-206 Turbine Engine Driver SKU: EDR206 Price: 115.00
Price: $115.00

Bench-test turbine (or other - Gas/Glow/Electric) engines without a transmitter or receiver!

  • Up to 2 channels
    • Manual Sliders - Throttle with Trim
    • Run Mode - 3-position toggle switch
  • Power switch
  • Channel Reversing
  • Requires 4.8V - 7.4V (NiCd / NiMH, A123, LiFe, LiPo) Battery
  • Compatible with Futaba, JR, Hitec, Airtronics servos, ECU's, ESC's
JRM-M.jpg 12in. JR Male-to-Male Battery Tap SKU: EDC4314 Price: 4.00
Price: $4.00

12-inch JR Male-to-Male Extension / Battery Tap. Connects receivers to devices like:

  • Battery Tap for our EDR-117RCP LiteSys Controller
  • Turbine ECU's